Yippee – new books, albums and postcards ready for the show next week

It’s been a busy few weeks here with a lot of enquiries and meetings for weddings both this year and next and lots of new bookings which is lovely. In between all of these we have been catching up on a lot of the admin side of things that happens at this time of year. We have designed two new postcards to give out at the shows we’re doing in the next few weeks.  We’ve also designed two new sample photobooks for you all to look at and a new album.

The first wedding we choose for one of the photobooks was Rebecca and Joe’s day which took place at Barrandov Opera Barn last summer, this was just such a lovely, happy day we really wanted to look at these photos some more and share the whole day with you all (if you’re interested in reading their blog story just click here)

Suffolk Wedding Photographer Hayley Denston Photography Suffolk Wedding Photography - Barrandov Opera Barn Wedding - RJ - 038

The second wedding we choose for the other photobook was Harriet and Adam’s vintage day at Haughley Park Barn.  Another beautiful day with a gorgeous couple and wonderful friends and family (here’s a link to their blog story)

Suffolk Wedding Photography Hayley Denston Photography Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Haughley Park Barn Wedding Photographs - HA - 084

Lastly, for our new album we choose Jo and Ben’s day which was a real country wedding with a marquee/big top tent in one of Ben’s mums farm fields, bouncy castle, ice cream van, lots of love and plenty of laughter. If you’re planning an outdoor day this is exactly the perfect wedding you’d want (here’s a link through to their blog story).

Suffolk Wedding Photographer Hayley Denston Photography Norfolk Wedding Photography Vintage Marquee Wedding - JB - 035

It was so hard to choose from last years weddings I could have made a wedding book or album up for all of you. I’m fairly certain though that all of last years weddings will be making their way onto the galleries on here at some stage over the next couple of months once I’ve sorted through the selections (my next big job to do!). When we take time out to go back and go through all our weddings it just makes us smile and feel so pleased and grateful that we’ve had the privilege in photographing so many wonderful days. Thank you to all of you who chose us to share in your special times and we look forward to sharing many more happy times with you and our future couples.

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