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If you’ve stumbled upon this section then hopefully you’re looking for lovely Suffolk wedding photographers and we hope that we can help you.

As you may have read already we live in Suffolk and so the majority of our work is photographing Suffolk Weddings. We frequently nip over the borders to photograph Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire weddings too.  When you love your job as much as we do, we’re more than happy to travel so, even if your wedding is outside our usual area please do still get in touch to see if we can help.  The furthest we’ve been so far is New York to photograph a Norfolk Couples Day there and we had a lot of fun!

We are a happily married couple who photograph weddings together and for the majority of our weddings you get the two of us to photograph your day for you. In reality, this means we can easily be in two places at once capturing even more of your day for you. If you are having a smaller, intimate wedding though (40 people and less), it is usually just me that would capture your day for you (unless you’d prefer the two of us) as we don’t want to swamp your guests.

Put as simply as we can, we love photographing weddings.  Every part of a wedding day has a different feel to it from the anxious getting ready to the nerves and joy at the ceremony through to the raucous laughter during the speeches and enthusiastic dancing in the evening.  We’re often asked if we have one favourite part of a wedding day and the truth is that we don’t although there are lots of moments we always adore photographing.  Each day is unique and every wedding will have many special moments for us to capture.  You could have exactly the same wedding venue and suppliers but with different brides, grooms and guests and you’ll have two completely different sets of photos which is how we think it should be.  Granted some photos will look similar between weddings (like the traditional line ups) but for us it should be about you and capturing those precious moments.

We are always overwhelmed and ecstatic by the positive comments we receive from our couples and their guests both on the day and after they’ve seen the images.  One of the most frequent things we are asked at weddings by guests or family members is if we are friends or relatives of the couple.  This is always the biggest compliment we can receive as it usually translates to we’re doing our job so well by building rapport up quickly and making everyone feel relaxed and at ease that we’re thought of as part of the family!

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate that most of our future wedding couples find out about us through recommendation from our previous couples (which we are extremely grateful for as in our opinion this is the best way for future couples to find out about us as they’ve probably already met us or seen our work) or, from being on recommended suppliers lists (none of which we pay for which is how we think it should be …. a little word of warning that some venues do charge suppliers to be on their lists and in our opinion this makes them paid for advertising and it is perhaps a little misleading to describe them as recommended to their couples) at some of our most favourite Suffolk Wedding Venues.

On the day, we’d rather not ask you to smile for us or to do lots of posing.  All we’d ask is that you are just how you are usually.  We believe that this makes for the best photos as you will look like you when you get your photos back. I know that sounds odd (and it is quite hard to explain) but making you do piggy backs or star jumps etc just for effect (if it isn’t you and you don’t want too) just seems wrong, you’re there to celebrate the most happiest day in your life as you are, not as models for me to spend hours posing.  I will take the two of you off for photos and I will talk with you about what you want and help you stand in the best places etc but I don’t want you to be away from your guests for long periods of time.

This naturally leads on to talking about our style which I also cover in the FAQs.  This is a little hard to describe as what one person may describe as contemporary another may think is traditional.  It really is a very subjective field, like any art, what some people like others detest and it really is down to personal taste.  We both seem to instinctively know when the time to push the shutter is and so, to that end we don’t take rapid (paparazzi style) photos in succession at however many hundreds every few seconds!  We’re there to tell the story of your wedding day without controlling it!  If we were to describe our images in three words we’d say:

‘natural, relaxed and emotive’

You may, or may not, agree with this. Our advice to you would simply be to look at the photos in our galleries, study the expressions and compositions in the images.  Can you feel the emotion of the person you’re looking at and does the emotion look genuine (most people can tell a fake smile or where someone is feeling uncomfortable).  Also have a look at the blog for recent weddings we’ve undertaken and to see what we’re up to.

I would love to photograph everyone who looks at this site but being completely honest, we won’t be the right fit for everyone and what they want for their day which we understand.  This is just a reflection of different peoples personalities and likes and dislikes in photos.  We would encourage you to look around and find a photographer (or photographers) whose photos just appeal to you, choose someone who when you look at their images they make you happy and you feel like you’ve already connected with them before you’ve even met and you can imagine images of your day being captured like this.  Choosing the right photographer for you is incredibly important as they are going to be photographing one of the most special days in your life.  We think it therefore follows that you should choose someone whose photos you like and who you think will fit in well with your day and capture your day in a way that suits you.  If you feel relaxed and at ease in their company you will get better photographs.

I really believe that everyone has a photographer out there who will be perfect for them so if you think we may be the perfect match for you please do get in touch.  We only photograph 15 main weddings a year and a handful of smaller ones (so we can give everyone the time and attention they deserve) and dates do book months and years in advance so if you are interested please get in touch as soon as you can as we hate disappointing couples.

Before you go may we just say a quick thank you (even to those who take things no further) for taking the time out of your busy lives to look at our photos and for considering hiring us. We wish you all the best for your wedding day and for long and happy marriages.

Hayley & David

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