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Following on from a post I wrote last month on reasons why winter weddings should be considered I thought I’d write one for Spring weddings too (and then I’ll do summer and autumn as the seasons come round). There are so many things to love with a spring wedding it’s really hard to know just where to begin.

For me, the flowers, the freshness and the warmer weather are all reasons to consider getting married in the Spring. It’s usually warm without being so hot it’s unbearable so you can spend at least some of your reception time outside. Later on in the season outdoor ceremonies are a real possibility (which are always wonderful) usually without your guests melting in the heat and no wasps around yet to pester everyone! I like the chillier nights still and the fact it gets dark early enough that most of our first dances have darkness outside (it’s an odd thing with the summer weddings when the first dance is done and it’s still light outside … then again it does mean some people do their first dance outside which is awesome but, that’s for the summer post!).

I am biased as Spring is my favourite season (closely followed by autumn).  Despite suffering from hayfever, I just love the anticipation of everything coming back to life combined with the colours and vibrancy as well as wildflower meadows and grasses all looking beautiful. Then there’s the blossom to consider too which is so romantic and delicate.

I’ve put together a selection of photos of spring weddings from the last couple of years to give you some ideas of what your spring wedding day could look like. I hope it inspires you to consider having a Spring Wedding and that we may get to photograph your day for you.


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