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This post is a bit of a mix with lots of different details from days that we’ve seen at weddings over the years and going through our archive of a whole load of weddings that aren’t on the main site anymore (we try to keep the website updated with recent weddings).

Let’s start with Handkerchiefs – I just love a good hankie and giving these out to guests for their tears last year was a really sweet and thoughtful finishing touch (as well as looking a little prettier in your photos than a toilet roll being handed around – before you ask, yes we have seen this but thankfully many years ago now).

Presents for bridesmaids can be tricky. I personally think these can reflect individuality so well and one beautiful gift I saw last year was make up bags with just the bridesmaids initials on, I thought these were really cute.

We often see dressing gowns with bridesmaid written on the back and as gorgeous as they are I can’t help wondering if they’ll be worn by the bridesmaid after the day and if they would have preferred just the dressing gown without the writing on (as they know when they were given it). I also like seeing unique necklaces or pieces of jewellery given as thank you gifts.

For little flowergirls however, I love things with the date on as they may not remember it in the same way as adults and it’s a lovely keepsake – I especially like the knitted dolls we occasionally see and the handmade dolls – I’ve never seen these not be loved and carried around by the little ones they’re given to.

To decorate your venue we usually see bunting and fairy lights (which are both always pretty) but here are some other different ideas we’ve seen recently too

If you’re having a marquee wedding setting aside a little area for ladies to peg up their hats is always quaint and handy to the people who’s hats they are.

We’ve recently had a few weddings where we’ve seen a traditional bell to be rung to get people in for their meal and to make announcements throughout the day (like the speeches) – I love this idea and hope we see it more

We still see traditional guest books at most weddings but if you think this may not be for you why not look at a quirkier take on this by encouraging your guests to leave a message on a game (or puzzle) piece or cork.

Hope that get’s the cogs turning for you and gives you some ideas, a lot of this post is personally what I would like and what I think works. Whatever you choose for your day, as long as you are happy with it that should be all that matters!

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