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The next of our favourite posts is from Simmi and Laurence’s day which was a small and intimate wedding (4 people in total) taken in the autumn at The Swan in Lavenham. I adored this day and am chuffed to bits with the photos they’ve chosen and their comments.

When asked to choose their favourites Simmi and Laurence said:

‘We struggled to choose our favourite photos – we loved so many. What we have chosen reflects the intimacy and happiness of our Wedding day, which was a very small, relaxed affair; just us and our best friends Nick & Charlotte. We worried that it might prove difficult to capture the essence of day with just the four of us to photograph and with me being rather shy, but Hayley was amazing – so pleased we chose her…’

‘We both picked these …it seems like they were taken at the exact same moment (how Haley managed it, we just don’t know) –  the excitement of it finally happening, shows on our faces and the look on Charlotte’s face is priceless, as neither had any idea I would be wearing red and Laurence a kilt.’

‘Just had to include this – Nick, not known for being overly sentimental, surprised us both by welling up during his beautiful reading, which in turn led us all to well up too.’

‘These really capture the happiness of the day. It meant a great deal to us that Nick & Charlotte were at our Wedding and we were so glad to have opted for an intimate Wedding.’

‘This is my (Simmi) absolute favourite of us – reflects how we feel about each other.’

‘Laurence chose this as his favourite for it’s setting and the joy it captures.’

‘We both love this of the four of us strutting down the street…so glam!! Very funny, makes us smile and a reminder of the wonderful day it was for all of us.’

‘Hayley picked up on how sad we were Jake couldn’t be part of our special day, so came up with the fantastic idea of taking a few relaxed photos back at home with him. Wedding clobber … and wellies … we enjoyed it and have our treasured memories with Jake included.’

I chose the following 7 as my favourites from their day.

I love that they all look so relaxed and happy about being photographed and that they still had a proper little reception (photo below) with the 4 of them

To be honest I would have chosen the same photo as Laurence for my favourite of the two of them, the cuddling, happiness and closeness makes me smile. I chose the one below instead just because the setting is gorgeous and Simmi’s red dress really stands out.

The next photo was a surprise for me as when they first booked I knew that they were shy and hated having their photo taken so I thought there was very little chance that they would wander round The Swan where people could see them … I am so delighted they did.

The next ones taken the following day with Jake (their dog) are just that little bit special. I know how much they would have liked him at their day and this way they still got photos with them just near to where they live without him (or them) having the stress of him being at their day. I also know how important our two boys (by that I mean our dogs for those of you who don’t read this regularly) are to us and so how much they would treasure having Jake in their photos.

I adore these two, their friends, Jake and their day .. I only wish we could do it all over again!

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