Favourite Photos for Michaela & Chris’ Wedding by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Our next favourites post is for Michaela and Chris whose wedding we photographed at the gorgeous Hungarian Hall and Ferry Farm last April.  Thanks for taking part in this and thank you also for your comment that it was really hard to just choose a few – we too struggled when choosing our favourites as we loved so much about your day.

So to start off they jointly chose the following photo saying:

‘We both really loved the family photos on the field and this one in particular as this was a really fun shoot with the kids.’

The next two photos Chris choose and said:

‘I think this is one of my favourites as this was probably the peak of my anticipation and my nerves as our guests react to seeing Michaela as the walk-in music starts but I have no idea how incredible she looks or that she has broken down in tears.’

‘This was just after I’d finished my speech and Michaela greeted me with a kiss as I sat back down which was really re-assuring and emotional having finished the last kind of ‘serious’ bit before we could just kick back and have a party ;-)’

Michaela choose the following two photos and said:

‘Chloe’s reaction as we said our vows. Neither of us had realised just how emotional she was until we looked through the photos for the first time and to see hear tears of joy was magical.’

‘An embrace with Jacques just before I walked down the aisle was special. It really meant so much that he cared so much and was clearly emotional.’

We choose the following selection of photos.

We love this first one of the two of them after they’ve said their vows and are married, they just look so very happy

The next four to us show just how much they cared about making the day special for the children (as well as the adults) , they had hired children’s entertainers, a bouncy castle and a bucking bronco (although that was for adults too as you can see). It’s clear to see that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day

I love the speeches and how Michaela is looking lovingly at Chris during his speech. I also put a cake one in as I we haven’t seen a cake this huge in a long while

Lastly, we didn’t get the sunset and gorgeous weather we were hoping for on their day but I love how dramatic the sky looks over the estuary. I also just adore Michaela smiling with her eyes looking over Chris’ shoulder huddled in for some warmth (it was pretty chilly).


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