What do you think about confetti at Weddings? By Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

I absolutely love confetti so I would have to answer to the question ‘What do you think about confetti at Weddings?’ with ‘Please have loads of it’ as this is one of my favourite moments on a wedding day.

I love Confetti and the happiness on both our couples faces as well as the guests. Petal confetti is my favourite and I particularly like fresh petals (something we don’t see so often) as it is obviously biodegradable so no harm is done to the environment and you can have oodles of it! It also looks really pretty in the photos. Over the years we’ve had some confetti heavy (so many baskets of confetti) wedding days and I love them!

We see all sorts of packaging for confetti (I’ve put lots of examples in the photos), personally I like big baskets full of petals where guests just take a handful and there’s no waste to think about afterwards.

The majority of the confetti we see is dried petals. We do occasionally see Lavendar but this tends to see my couples flinching more when it hits them and reporting that it’s a little scratchy when it’s down their clothes. We also see Paper Confetti but where we do it tends to be in much more pastel colours and mainly in baby pink and white.

Enough chatting again from me, here’s some confetti photos for you to look at which will hopefully make you want to have confetti on your days!

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