Vicki & Nick’s intimate wedding in Cambridge by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

My next wedding was just me on my own (as there was only 9 people) and it was such a special day for me to capture. I’ve known the groom Nick for many years now (he was one of David’s friends to begin with and they’ve known each other for decades!) and he is one of the friendliest and loveliest people I know so I was touched when he contacted me and asked if I’d capture Vicki and his day for them. As they didn’t tell any of their friends and family (other than those attending) until after the day I felt really honoured that I was allowed to be a part of their special, intimate day.

I started with Vicki, her parents and their two gorgeous boys at their house as Vicki’s mum had made a very stunning wedding cake (I bet it tasted as good as it looked!) and I wanted to get some photos of it. Vicki also wanted some photos too with her dog Molly who is now getting old but has been a very special part of Vicki’s life. Molly is a gorgeous old black lab and very well behaved for her few captured moments! I then went on to Cambridge Shire Hall (where the registry office is) to take photos of their ceremony and a few photos afterwards up Castle Hill. We then walked down across Jesus Green to feed the ducks (who despite us having bread would not come and eat which was a tad frustrating) and on to D’Arry’s where they had their meal and I left them.

Vicki’s dress was beautiful and the only ever maternity dress I’ve seen so far allowing her to feed their little one without having to strip off (but you wouldn’t have known it was a maternity dress had she not told me) and she looked stunning in it. She complemented it with some gorgeous bright pink shoes and a pink cardigan (I’m always a fan of bright accessories!) which looked vibrant against all the greens and cloudy skies! Nick looked very handsome in his suit and their boys were just adorable! Nick and Vicki are a wonderful couple who we have a lot of love for and we are certain have a very happy future ahead of them.

I love taking photos of days like this and I am very pleased that despite shying away from Social Media Nick and Vicki have kindly allowed me to share some of their very special day on here with you. So, here’s a peep at their day:

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