Our New Arrival by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Apologies that we’ve been a little quiet on here lately and I intend to rectify that immediately by at least one blog post a week! We haven’t started the year in the best way both coming down with one of those nasty cough/cold bugs going around but 3 weeks on and fingers crossed (as well as touching lots of wood) we’re over the worst of it and not feeling quite so ‘zombiefied’.

As many of you who read this regularly know we sadly lost our beloved dog Pip last May after a short illness and we were both completely heartbroken. We still miss her daily but it wouldn’t have felt right to us to not add some new paws into our lives again. So, at the end of November once our wedding season for the year was over, we welcomed into our home a lovely little rescue dog who was very much in need of our home and he was transported all the way from Romania to be with us from a wonderful charity called Noah’s Ark  (if you’re looking for a rescue please consider the dogs and pups on here).

I know there are a lot of different opinions out there on taking on dogs from abroad and ‘rescuing over buying breeds’ and I’m happy to discuss these in more length with anyone who wants to but, for us personally the choice was very clear, we wanted to give an older dog a chance who had been overlooked and whose future would be incredibly bleak otherwise. As soon as we saw photos and videos of our little lad we knew we wanted him to be a part of our lives and although the journey so far hasn’t been easy (he has never lived in a house before, is very frightened by new situations and has severe separation anxiety) he is such an affectionate and loving little boy it makes our hearts smile again and we’re certain he’ll get there in time.

So, without further ado I’d like you all to meet our little lad Ansel who’s nearly 15 months old, just growing eyebrows (like an old man’s) and settling in making himself very much a part of our lives. I’m certain they’ll be many more photos of him on here and updates to the website over the next few months for all of you who are interested in seeing more of him (apologies that some of the photos are low quality as they’ve all been taken on phones and a lot in low light!)

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