Favourites Post for Kayleigh & Mark’s Wantisden Valley Wedding by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Our next favourites post to share from last year is Kayleigh and Mark’s wedding at Wantisden Valley in September. This was a beautiful day with Kayleigh making her own bouquet from flowers grown in their back garden. These two are a lovely couple and their day was just perfect, if you’d like to read more about it and see a selection of their photos just click here.

Kayleigh chose me the following photos as her favourites because:

‘They are of Mark realising that although his bestman couldn’t make the wedding that he’d done a surprise speech for him. He just looks so happy and genuinely surprised (which is amazing in itself because I’m rubbish at keeping surprises from him)’

Mark chose me the following favourite because:

‘I like the tallness of the trees, it’s getting towards dusk so the light is starting to fade and it’s just the two of us taking time out of a crazy day’

We chose the following two because I like how genuinely relaxed and happy they are with each other. I also love the birch trees and all the greenery as well as some gorgeous, warm light for the pond photos


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