Favourite Photos for Charlotte and Dan’s Easton Grange Wedding by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Our next favourites post this week is from Charlotte and Dan’s Easton Grange wedding which we photographed back in August on a very windy day! If you’d like to read their whole blog story just click here. This was such a wonderful day to be a part of with two of the most happiest and sweetest couples you could hope to meet so I’m delighted that they’ve decided to take part in this.

Charlotte’s first photo she chose was the following one because:

‘This is one of my favourite photos as the ring my dad is wearing belonged to my late grandad, sadly he was the only grandparent missing that day and having this photo meant he was there with us. I love the fact that Hayley and David did not the significance of this ring and it is a photo I will always treasure.’

The other photo Charlotte chose was this group shot one because:

‘This is another one of my favourites, unfortunately the wind was not on our side on our special day but this photo beautifully sums up the personalities of my family. My sister’s partner is in RAF mode pose, my mum is thinking argh my hair, Dan just smiles his way through, Myself just can’t stop laughing at the situation, my Dad doesn’t care and my sister is thinking hurry up and get this over with!!! We have all laughed a lot at this photo and will always remind us of the weather, who would think winds would be so awful in August!’

Dan chose his first photo below because:

‘I’m known for taking chances and climbing things I shouldn’t!’

His second one he chose was this one because:

‘It is a natural photo’

They then jointly chose me the following photo because:

‘This is our joint favourite, as well as the majority of our families it is already up on 3 walls! Easton is such an amazing and special place with beautiful scenery. This photo definitely has a wow about it and we have had a number of comments that the picture looks like a painting because of the greenery without doubt Hayley and David have an amazing eye for detail!’

As with other favourite posts I always seem to struggle choosing the ones I like most as when you’ve been at the day the photos trigger what was going on and how you felt. I managed to narrow our selection down to the following two photos because the first one in the ceremony just makes me smile looking at how happy they are (moments like this just can’t be staged!) and the second photo for their closeness, it is clear to me (and I’m sure everyone that knows them) that these two are very much in love, relaxed and content just being alone together!



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