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Yay, you’ve got as far as the About Us page so hopefully you’ve seen some photos on here that you already like and you’re looking for more information.  I wasn’t sure quite what direction to take on this page so I thought I’d make it literally about us in a personal sense and then tell you a little more about our work specifically in the weddings and portraits sections depending on what you’re interested in (so if you want to know more about the work and not about us then please click on the relevant section instead).

David (my husband) and I (I’m sure you’ll have already guessed from the business name that I’m Hayley) live in Stradbroke in Suffolk. We’re both big dog lovers and after the sad loss of our beautiful Border Collie Pip in 2018 we realised we couldn’t be without dogs in our lives. We now have three beautiful rescue dogs (I’d take them all so good job David keeps an eye on me), Ansel who is 4, Ernie who’s almost 3 and now our foster pup Jess who is now a failed foster and our newest addition as of 2022 (photos to follow with her in when she either isn’t asleep or is sitting still!)


We got married in 2007 and have been photographing weddings together ever since (to be accurate we photographed together before we were married too).  We have been running this business for over 15 years now and have photographed hundreds of weddings and portraits since we started so have tonnes of experience we’d love to share with you.

My photography life began early and I have always taken photos for as long as I can remember.  Taking a photograph and capturing that moment and feeling in time forever really appeals to me as well as the thought that it may be a treasured family heirloom and looked at for generations to come.  I was bought my first camera by my parents for my 8th birthday and although the cameras have changed over the years my love for taking photos hasn’t.  Here’s a photo of me with my first camera and one of the first photos I ever took on it.  Slightly strange that I didn’t ask my mum and sister to look at me or smile and I guess my approach to photography today is still fundamentally the same, for me it’s about what’s happening, the emotions, the moment in time and not about spending ages setting the photo up.

David came into photography more by accident (and a lot of encouragement from me) but is a brilliant photographer in his own right.  David’s family are very artistic and he definitely has the eye for composition and capturing expressions.

So you can get to know us a little better here’s a few personal things about us:

  • We are both chatterboxes and enjoy meeting new people.
  • We both love travelling. We haven’t been to many different places yet but the dream is always to go to as many wonderful places as we can (now just to win the lottery to make it a reality).
  • We love the late photographer Ansel Adams work and hope one day to photograph in some of the amazing places he has.
  • We both love wildlife and plants and seek out places to visit where we can see either.  We’ve been fortunate enough to Whale and Bear watch in Canada and Dolphin watch in Madeira.  We visit gardens wherever we go.
  • We both love watching films in pretty much all genres (Apart from horror which scares me!).
  • We love taking photographs and capturing life as it happens (not too much of a surprise there).
  • We love dogs and being outdoors for long walks in the countryside.
  • We both love rollercoasters (and are slightly addicted to the adrenaline rush they give).
  • We are tea addicts and can think of nothing better than a hot cuppa.
  • We listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy going to gigs and festivals whenever we can.

Enough about us for now as this section could become way too lengthy and we know you’re here to look at the photos rather than getting our biographies!  We hope you enjoy what you see and that we’ll get to meet you.

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We live in Stradbroke (near to Diss in Norfolk and Eye in Suffolk) on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and mainly photograph weddings in the Suffolk and Norfolk area.


Although we are primarily Suffolk Wedding photographers we do also travel all over the UK (and world) to photograph some amazing couples at their beautiful weddings!

It therefore goes without saying that even if you haven't chosen to have a Suffolk Wedding we are still happy to look at your day and see if we can capture it for you.


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