Speeches & Cake

We often get asked whether your speeches should be before or after your meal and I would say this depends on a number of things. Traditionally speeches would follow you meal but, a lot of traditions have changed over time so if the fact that it’s traditional isn’t important to you then please consider the other points.

We currently see an exact split these days with people doing their speeches before or after their meals.

Some reasons why you may want your speeches before your meal:

– If you have any nervous speakers they will still be able to sit down and enjoy their meal as they will have got their speech out of the way

– If your guests have already had canapés during the reception time they shouldn’t be starving hungry and so will be happy to sit through the speeches before their meal.

– The main lot of traditions on your wedding day are now done (apart from a first dance and possible cake cutting) so you can just relax and enjoy the rest of the day

One other reason (and the least important) is that if you have only booked us to stay with you until your meal if your speeches are done before you eat we will cover them for you within this length of coverage.

Some reasons why you may want your speeches after your meal:

– This is traditionally when speeches are done

– Guests will have full bellies and be a little more inebriated (so more likely to laugh at any jokes)

Recently there has also been a growing trend for different speeches between each course. We personally wouldn’t advise this as it makes the day a little disjointed and it loses a bit of momentum as you’re neither having a meal or doing speeches. It can also make it tricky for caterers to time things if it’s between the 3 courses!

It is your day so it’s important that you have your speeches whenever works best for the two of you

With regards to the timings for your cake cutting we see this most often straight after your speeches to conclude the formalities. If it doesn’t take place at this part of the day we tend to see it just before your first dance.


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