Quick little break on the Norfolk Coast by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

To end wedding season this year we decided to have a week away with our boys (Ansel and Ernie, our dogs for those who don’t read this regularly) last week. We booked a lovely cottage called Hidden Gem up at Winterton-On-Sea through the most fabulous company called East Ruston Cottages which is run by a wonderful lady called Sue. We spent a fair bit of time trying to find somewhere that would accommodate both us and the dogs without compromising on staying somewhere decent. We were surprised by how hard this search was as in most Terms and Conditions of ‘dog friendly’ holidays there is so much about what your dogs can’t do such as sit on furniture or go in certain rooms, sleep in bedrooms etc … so much so that you start to wonder if you’ll ever find somewhere to accommodate two ‘in-training’ rescues who have their quirks. East Ruston Cottages are completely (and welcomingly so) different though and even go to the extent of providing absolutely everything you may need for your dogs on holiday together with some welcome biscuits for them (and a cream jam rolypoly cake for us as well as lots of other goodies!). I cannot speak highly enough of this company and we’ll certainly be using them again in the future.

So, what did we get up to whilst we were away … well we chose Winterton as we really wanted to go up to Horsey Gap and see the Grey Seals Pupping at this time of year as well as for the dunes and huge expanse of beach for the boys to run and play on. We were absolutely in for a treat as not only did we see the seals but they swam in the sea alongside us on our walks every day at Winterton, what a joy and something we’ll never forget as it’s so special being able to see them this way, I was mesmorised and to see that they wanted to watch us too was lovely. I don’t know why but I hadn’t realised quite how big they would be so that was a bit of a surprise (the males can get up to 3m!).  We just wanted a lovely, relaxing break away with lots of walking, lazing about, watching a few films, reading and eating our weight in cake and biscuits … so that’s exactly what we did and it was brilliant!

The only slight regret was that we made the decision not to take our proper cameras with us so just had our little point and shoot and phones to take photos on. It was great in that we didn’t go into work mode but also a little frustrating when we know that the SLRs would have taken much higher quality photos … maybe next time we’ll bring them with us so please excuse the quality of the photos below.

Anyway, for those of you interested here’s a little peep at our stay

The gorgeous Dunes Cafe has some brilliant little sheds to sit and eat your food in with the dogs!

The wonderful poppy’s tearoom in Winterton allows dogs and had the best ever Millionaire’s Shortbread that I’ve ever tasted!

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