Quick post of our recent holiday in Madeira by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

As many of you tell us you enjoy reading about us and our lives, here’s a little post with a few pics from our recent few days away in October. We don’t usually go away in the autumn but with so many spring weddings booked up this year and a few less in the autumn it seemed like the best time to go.

So we went back to Funchal in Madeira for a few days break and relaxation. Whilst we were there we got to soak up some sun, do some colouring in (for those of you who know me this is something I like to do to chill out), see some beautiful gardens (at Palheiro), go dolphin watching (and we were very fortunate in seeing a pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and their calves), have lots of fantastic meals and Afternoon Tea at one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

All in all a lovely break away and we’re now back in the office, excited and recharged for our last two weddings of the year which I’ll blog about soon

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 01

This one is a bit misty looking back at our hotel from the road as David put a big thumb print with sunscreen on the lens of our little camera we take on holiday with us!

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 02

Here’s a shot of the harbour from our balcony

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 03

Some of the plants in flower in Palheiro gardens

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 04

A quick selfie of David and I (I hasten to add that I put my stripy t-shirt on first and we didn’t realise until we were out that David had put his stripy top on too – whoops!)

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 05

The majority of cabs in Madeira are yellow mercedes and they line up along the municipal gardens and cafes which adorn the streets

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 06David took this of the dolphins as I get sea-sick if I look through the camera and we’re so pleased it came out as the small camera we take with us is no match for the SLR’s we use for weddings and portraits and it takes a very long time to focus which is tricky when you have fast moving dolphins

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 07

Yummy afternoon tea and this is just the cake plate at Reids Palace – needless to say we managed to eat all of these with no problem …. mmmmmmm … do I have a sweet tooth … definitely!

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Madeira - 08

Lastly a quick one just before sunset from the balcony

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