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Suffolk Wedding Photographer - Our Prices

Let’s face it, you may have looked through the whole site, love our photos and want to book on that basis alone but we all know that unless you’re millionaires price will come into at some point and so it’s natural to want to know what we charge.

We know that it is impossible to cater for everyone on all budgets. We are not the cheapest photographers you’ll find nor are we the most expensive.

We have tried to keep our packages simple rather than bamboozling our couples with endless options. We offer one main USB package with two different lengths of coverage for you to choose from. You can then choose to add on books and albums if you want to (either before or after your wedding). Hopefully this keeps the prices much easier to understand. We also occasionally have Special Offers running which we’d be happy to share with you and can help out those on smaller budgets.

Our most popular packages for weekend weddings (well Friday, Saturday and Sunday and bank holidays) start from £1095 for any remaining 2018 dates and £1195 for 2019 dates.

For weekday weddings (Monday-Thursday excluding bank holidays) we offer slightly different packages with our most popular option costing £795. Again we do have some really good special offers too though meaning you can still have us to cover your wedding for as little as £595.

If you’re a small weekend wedding (25 people or less) we will look at whether we can tailor a smaller package for you.

All our packages will always include everything. You may ask why we haven’t put all the details on here transparently for everyone to see and have instead included a vague guide. The simple answer is your wedding is unique and we want to discuss it with you personally, get a feel for you and your day and see what you’d like and are looking for. Once we know some details and your date we’re more than happy to e-mail you our current packages in depth and then discuss things from there.

If you’ve looked at the initial prices and think ‘that counts us out’ please do still consider getting in touch as we may still be able to help if you tell us what you’re hoping for. After all the worst we can say is: ‘we’re sorry we can’t help’ but on the flip side we may also say: ‘yes we can help and we’d love to be a part of your day!’

The smallest wedding we’ve photographed so far has been 4 people (including the bride and groom) whilst our biggest to date has been 200+.

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