Our Wedding Prices

Let’s face it, you may have looked through the whole site, love our photos and want to book on that basis alone but we all know that unless you’re very lucky, price will come into at some point and so it’s natural to want to know what we charge.

We know that it is impossible to cater for everyone on all budgets. We are not the cheapest photographers you’ll find nor are we the most expensive.

We have tried to keep our packages as flexible as possible so that you can have what you would like for your day

So, what are our prices and why can’t we see them all on here?

There are two reasons we have made the decision to no longer put all our prices on here but, we can tell you that most weddings have a starting price from £695.

Firstly, your day is unique and we’d love to have the chance to hear about what you’ve got planned before going straight into packages with you. We really want to be able to offer you something that is perfect for your day and we want to be as excited about your plans as you are and know that we’re going to be a great fit together. It also helps us to know some of your details such as the venue, number of guests, if you’re having pets attend etc so we can tailor something for you if our standard packages won’t quite work with your day.

Secondly, we are a little tired of other photographers (especially the new ones) directly copying our packages and pricing. We could go into a real rant on this (and we are happy to discuss this with you if you want) on having your content and style copied but, I’m going to try to remember what I was taught and that’s that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ and leave it at that.

We hope that you’ll understand these reasons and still get in touch to talk about your day with us as I’m sure, if you’ve got this far through the website, that we’d really love to be a part of your day.


We hate disappointing our couples but 2022 is almost completely booked I’m afraid with only limited dates in the months of October and November left (unless you are a very small wedding with 25 people or less in which case we might be able to squeeze you in)


We love your photos and what you’ve told us so far but are having a really small wedding can you still help?

If you’re having a very small wedding (25 people or less) we will look at whether we can tailor an ideal package specifically for you as we love the small days as much as the larger ones.

We have photographed weddings of all sizes over the years. Our smallest wedding so far has been 2 people (yes, just the bride and groom) whilst our biggest to date has been 200+.


Time to look at something else? How about .......

Suffolk Wedding Photographers & Suffolk Wedding Photography


Suffolk Portrait Photographers & Suffolk Portrait Photography


Tel: 01379 388436 Mobile: 07743 054515



We live in Stradbroke (near to Diss in Norfolk and Eye in Suffolk) on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and mainly photograph weddings in the Suffolk and Norfolk area.


Although we are primarily Suffolk Wedding photographers we do also travel all over the UK (and world) to photograph some amazing couples at their beautiful weddings!

It therefore goes without saying that even if you haven't chosen to have a Suffolk Wedding we are still happy to look at your day and see if we can capture it for you.


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