Lyndsey and Jimmy’s wedding at Hengrave Hall – Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary

Further congratulations this week to the lovely Lyndsey and Jimmy on your first Wedding Anniversary.  We hope that you have a brilliant day and get the chance to look through all your photos and that they help you to remember all the magical moments of your wedding.  You two are the most sweet and kind couple and we wish for you many happy wedding anniversaries in the future.  We thoroughly enjoyed photographing your day at Hengrave Hall last April on an unseasonally warm and sunny day.  As you can see from the website we adore your images and have used many of them on here. I wish we could have your wedding all over again and I can’t wait for baby Reynolds to arrive so I can see you all again.  Here’s a link to Lyndsey and Jimmy’s full wedding story in case you want to have a read and a photo of the two of them

LyndseyJimmy - Hengrave Hall Wedding

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