Our Little Black Book

In this section is just a small handful of suppliers who we work with regularly and may be of use to you (as well as some of the people in the industry who we think are fab!). We’ve tried to keep this section as simple as possible as I personally hate just having huge lists to trawl through which mean nothing to our brides and grooms. We are therefore trying to choose our favourite supplier (or couple of suppliers) in each area and will only put those on here to get you started. It doesn’t mean though that we haven’t worked with many other brilliant suppliers so if you would like a more extensive list on any wedding related suppliers please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Here’s some of those brilliant local suppliers (just click on either the photos or headers to go to their websites).

Defining Radiance – Make Up Artists

We have had the pleasure of working with Dionne and Rachel over the years and they are brilliant.  If you click here you can find out all their details.

Amelia Garwood

In the last couple of years we’ve had the joy of working with this very lovely and talented lady who has produced some stunning hair and make up! We’d thoroughly recommend her and hope that our paths will continue to keep crossing

Dreamwave Events

We get to see Dave, Paul, Chris, Darren, Martin and the team at lots of weddings and they are all fabulous – we cannot recommend these guys highly enough for creating awesome party vibes!


The House Hop

If you’re looking for a vintage twist for your day why not consider The House Hop. He is a wind-up Gramophone DJ playing vintage 78’s from the 1920’s to the 1950’s and is quirky, fun and a little bit different for your wedding day

Scintillo Quartet

If you’re looking for some incredible musicians to play you into your ceremony or during your afternoon reception then these guys are awesome. They can play modern music as well as the classics and their sound is beautiful as well as the fact that they are lovely people. We’ve been fortunate enough to hear them a few times now and I think we could literally ‘get lost in their music’!

Cupids Wish

Perhaps you’re looking for something different for your evening entertainment or afternoon reception. We can thoroughly recommend Georgia and Michael from Cupid’s Wish. They are always happy, smiling and they add something really special to your day!

Steve Hood Weddings

We work with lots of videographers but Steve (in our opinion) is one of the nicest guys we’re met who creates wonderful films. It’s also a bonus that he works in a similar way to us so not only will you have superb photos but a brilliant video too! Here’s a slightly unflattering photo of Steve at work but one that makes me smile everytime I look at it as it reminds me of all the crazy positions we as photographers and videographers get into to get you wonderful photos and video!

VT Films

Recently we got to work with Ellie and Rich over at VT Films. Their video work is fab and they work in a similar way to us which is great. If you’re looking for videographers they are well worth a look

Amelie’s Kitchen

If you are looking for a cake that not only wow’s everyone but tastes fantastic as well you should try Helen at Amelie’s Kitchen. She’s a lovely lady and her cakes are divine (as well as tasting scrummy)


Kaye Souter Flowers

Kaye is a really friendly lady who we love working with. She produces some absolutely beautiful floral displays and is well worth considering for your day

Tiger Lily Florists

Judy over at Tiger Lily Florists does some stunning flowers (both traditional and unusual) and is a lovely lady. Why not contact her to see if she can provide the flowers of your dreams for your wedding day

Stephanie Struth – Painter at Live Events

Looking for something different for your day? Why not have a painting done of events actually happening. Stephanie is a fabulous artist and this is certainly a unique keepsake from your wedding day. Why not check out her work to see if it may be perfect for you. Here’s Stephanie with one of her paintings at a wedding we photographed at Bressingham High Barn.

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