Favourites post for Elaine & Jack’s Wedding at Benhall Lodge Estate by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

This next favourite’s post from Elaine and Jack’s wedding and should come with a little warning, have your tissues at the ready as Elaine’s reasons for choosing the photo may make you cry (it did me)! Elaine and Jack’s wedding was a beautiful summer’s day that happened last year, if you’d like to read their blog story just click here. They are the most sweet, shy and loving couple and it was a joy to capture their day for them.

Here’s Elaine’s favourite and her reasons why:

‘Out of the hundreds of pictures (that I love everyone of) my favourite is this one. My mum and my dad. I quite simply have chosen this picture because my parents are remarkable human beings, in my eyes, my heroes. My mum sadly passed away a little over a month after we married. I was so pleased she was able to see us exchange our vows and it’s something that brings me a huge deal of comfort in some extremely difficult times. My mum battled cancer for almost 9 years and my Dad still is. Nothing can quite prepare you for the utter sense of loss when losing a parent but this picture makes me smile every time I see it. My mum, despite everything she’d been through on the weeks leading up to our wedding looks beautiful and my dad looks equally handsome in his suit. We often hear how as a parent (I have two children) you burst with pride over your children’s accomplishments and milestones but I am equally and immeasurably proud of my parents, they inspire me everyday.’

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - EJ - E1

We were so sorry to hear of Elaine’s loss and our heartfelt condolences go out to both her and her family.

Jack chose the following photo because:

‘Neither Elaine or I are people who reveal in being the centre of attention, so speaking in public to say our vows was something I was incredibly nervous about. This picture is finally when I felt more relaxed and I was so happy that we were officially husband and wife’

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - EJ - J

Elaine also chose me the following additional photo for the same reasons as Jack

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - EJ - E2

I found choosing a photo from this wedding really tricky, I have chosen the following cake cutting one because they both look so happy and relaxed. At this wedding we still had all the main traditions like speeches and a cake cutting but they were done in a much more relaxed and easy going way which was lovely. I also love the cake!

Suffolk Wedding Photographer - EJ - ME

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