Favourite Photos from Helen and Christian’s Wedding by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Well this was always going to be a fairly easy blog post for me to write as Christian is David’s brother and he got married to Helen last July which was a very special day for us to be a part of. If you’d like to read about their entire day just click here. There wedding has to be one of the wettest July days we have ever been a part of in the ten years we’ve been photographing weddings and yet it was a gorgeous day despite plans having to change at the last minute (initially it was going to be a picnic in the Abbey Gardens in Bury). I could choose many photos from this one as obviously they have a lot of family members in so it was tricky to decide. In the end I’ve chosen one with my nephew and niece watching their parents getting married (see the last photo below).

Helen’s favourite (and if she hadn’t have chosen this one it would have been the one I would have chosen as well as Christian’s so it’s a winner all round) is the following photo because:

‘ I chose and love this picture, taken mid-way through our joint wedding and naming ceremonies, because for me it captures a very relaxed way, what the day was all about – celebrating our lovely family.’

HC240715---147 HE

Christian’s favourite (after the above one) was the following because:

‘ It captures our children perfectly – absolutely lovely, if a little bit cheeky!’

HC240715---070 C

My favourite was the one below whilst the children quietly sat and watched their mum and dad get married

HC240715---129 ME

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