Fab Portrait Session with Jenny and Chris and her family

At the end of last week I had the pleasure in meeting up with Jenny and Chris and her family again for a portrait session to celebrate a vow renewal for her auntie and uncle.  The weather forecast was dreadful but somehow we managed to just avoid the thunderstorms and heavy rain and got to do all their photos in the back garden.  There was only 10 of us in total and you were all brilliant at being photographed.  It was so nice to see you all again and share in another special occasion with the family.

We had photographed the gorgeous Jenny and Chris previously (almost a couple of years ago) at their wedding which was a wonderful village affair with so many thoughtful and lovely details.  If you’d like to read about Jenny and Chris’ Wedding just click here and it’ll take you to their old blog post.  Jenny and Chris are emigrating to America (where Chris is from) later this year so I’m glad I could help create some happy memories for you to take with you.  Here’s a very small selection for those of you who would like to have a peep at our session.


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