Dawn & Stuart’s Wedding at Mendlesham Church and Thornham Walled Garden

This week I have been working on some old images as Dawn and Stuart whose wedding we photographed at Mendlesham Church followed by a Wedding Reception at Thornham Walled Garden back in 2006 had decided to purchase all their images on USB.  As what we can do has moved on a bit since 2006 I reworked some of their photos with new effects on for them as well as just rechecking all the original images.

Their day was a wonderful one and one of the hottest July days we remember.  I have loved looking through your photos again and reliving the day.  Here’s a small selection of their reworked images for you to have a peep at



Dawn and Stuart are a lovely couple and one whose journey I’ve continued to be a part of photographing their gorgeous little girls just a couple of years ago.  I hope that our paths will continue to cross in the future

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