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Beautiful e-mail sent to me this week

Hey all, another hectic week here and I am a little behind on the blog posts. Harriet and Adam’s Wedding which took place at Haughley Park Barn will be the next one I’m writing up and the plan is to get it on here by the beginning of next week.  I then have a further two still to write up which is Jenny and James’ Wedding which took place at Hungarian Hall and Jo and Nic’s Wedding also at Haughley Park Barn.  I’d like to say I’d then be up to date but I’m sure we’ll have added to the list with a good few more weddings by the time I’ve caught up ….

Still, we are having a great time photographing all your days and have enjoyed every moment of our summer weddings as well as looking forward to our autumn weddings ahead!

This week I got sent an unexpected and really sweet e-mail from Sarah (whose wedding we photographed at The Assembly House back in June, here’s the link to their wedding blog post) which I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing.

‘Hi Hayley,
No particular reason for emailing today, although what made we want to is that we have just been given the first sneak peek of our photos from the US side! As soon as we get the files I will send them over so you can see how our 2nd celebration went! 
I guess I just really wanted to say thank you again, it’s odd but out of all the people we contracted for our wedding day, the cake, the venue, the musicians etc etc you’re the one I miss talking to about it all! 
You and David were so amazing on the day and both me and Jeff still talk about how we have no idea how we would have coped without you, not only did you do a fabulously outstanding job of taking gorgeous pictures of our ugly mugs but we felt like you effectively ran the whole day for us, guiding us by the hand through all the pitfalls of the day! (Which we so needed and are so grateful for!)
I am so excited to finally have all of the evidence of all the celebrations and as soon as Jeff gets over here we will start organising our favourites together. Anyway, plenty of me blabbing on for no reason, thank you again and many times more and I will send you those photos to take a sneaky peek! 
Sarah x’


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Alice&Tristan’s Wedding at Woodhall Manor photographed by Suffolk Wedding Photographers Hayley Denston Photography

Our next wedding was Alice and Tristan’s day which took place entirely at Woodhall Manor in Suffolk. Woodhall Manor is a stunning venue with the opportunity for the ceremony to be held in the gorgeous walled garden in the dovecote if the weather’s looking good. Well, the forecast for Alice and Tristan’s day was not looking good (rain all day) right up until the morning of the wedding when it all changed so, we could have the ceremony outside  … yippeee!

I was really looking forward to the outside ceremony and it didn’t disappoint.  The only thing I’d say that I was a little sad about is that due to the current laws and legislation (according to the registrar conducting) I was not allowed to stand at the front during the ceremony so please note this if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony! Still we got some lovely photos from the back and it was nice to be allowed to take the shots from here whilst basking in the glorious sunshine.

After the ceremony we went through to the main gardens for drinks and a few group photos followed by going off for a little wander with Alice and Tristan to do their photos. Alice and Tristan looked amazing on their day.  Alice’s dress was beautiful and she looked radiant in it whilst Tristan looked dashing in his suit.  Both are a shy but really sweet couple who dislike having their photo being taken so I was honoured that they’d let me take them away for some photos on their own.

I love this set of photos, they’re natural and relaxed which is exactly the days we like photographing best. The flowers were beautiful although I’m not at all surprised as Rachel at The English Rose Florist is one of our favourite florists to work with.

In the evening I got to have another little wander with Alice and Tristan as we didn’t get the chance to cover all the beautiful grounds at Woodhall earlier in the afternoon. This is the first time ever that I’ve had my bride change into a pair of white fluffy slippers before going for a wander … brilliant idea and made me smile the rest of the evening knowing they were hiding under her dress!

Wonderful day and lovely people, here’s a small peep at their day

Alice and Tristan have seen their images and they kindly sent me the following e-mail which I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing:


The photos are wonderful, you’ve really captured the day well.  We wanted to say a big thank you for how brilliant you were on the day, everyone commented on how friendly you both were and you definitely made us feel a lot more comfortable than we thought we would be!

We’re looking forward to showing the photos to all our friends and family  :-)

Alice and Tristan’

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Laura&Wayne’s Wedding @ Athelington Hall photographed by Suffolk Wedding Photographer Hayley Denston Photography

Our last wedding in July was the wonderful Laura and Wayne’s day. Ever since I met Laura last year this has been a day that I’d been very much looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint in any way. Laura had put so much time and effort into all the details and finishing touches that Athelington Hall was barely recognisable as just a marquee venue – it was stunning. Pastel colours everyone, scrabble letters galore, tequila bar, sweets, bouncy castle, inflatable volley ball, skipping …. there were just so many things that made this special I hope that the photos can do it all justice! Laura put scrabble letters on the dresses coathangers, she chose different pastel colours for each of the bridesmaids and even added buttons to both the little flowergirls dresses and the ring cushion which helped complete the look for the day. Laura looked absolutely radiantly beautiful in her lace dress whislt Wayne scrubbed up well too and looked dashing in his suit with an unusual buttonhole.  The flowers were rustic and informal but none the less amazing and lifted the marquee at Athelington to a whole new level!

We were lucky that we had brilliant weather …. it was hot and sunny all day with smiles and laughter throughout. In fact it was so hot we decided to do all their couple photos in the golden hour of light in the evening when it was a little cooler … boy did that pay off with some lovely photos of the two of them. Laura had warned me prior to their day that Wayne is never smiling and always pulling weird faces (her words not mine) in photos but on the day I don’t think I saw a bad face at all (other than a tequila face and I don’t think that counts!). They even hired comedy duo waiters (Spanner and Works) as a surprise for the guests and they livened up the wedding breakfast with their comedy antics including wigs, hair pieces, vacuuming crumbs and singing to guests.  They were incredible and the singing of Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of the meal was so much fun.  We hope to see them at future events.

Laura and Wayne are one of the nicest couples you could ever wish to meet and their day was a joy to photograph and be a part of. We’re certain they have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them. Their friends and family all made us feel very welcome and we adore your photos.

I’ve just realised I could talk endlessly about this day and still not mention everything so here’s some of their photos for you to peep at … I’m certain when things are quieter that a lot of these will be added to the galleries on here

Laura and Wayne’s images were put online in a password protected gallery a couple of days ago and Laura kindly sent me the following e-mail today which was lovely:


Back to work yesterday morning a bit depressed but had a lovely treat to see all the photos so cheered up! Wow Hayley! The photos are amazing! We really want to thank you so much, you made it so easy for everyone to relax so the photos look so natural.  You’ve caught all the emotional moments and funny ones (love Natalie skipping) I just keep looking at them over and over again =0)

I can’t wait to get the USB stick and start printing although I have no idea how I’m going to choose which ones to go in frames and albums etc and can’t wait to show everybody!

Thank you:)

Laura and Wayne x’

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Kath and James’ Wedding at Blackthorpe Barn – Happy First Wedding Anniversary

Further congratulations this week go out to the lovely Kath and James whose wedding we photographed at Blackthorpe Barn last August.  Kath and James are an adorable couple, so sweet, kind and friendly.  We hope that you have a brilliant First Wedding Anniversary.  We see your photos often (as you’re one of our sample books we take out to prospective couples) and reguarly think about your day with very fond and happy memories.  Here’s a link to Kath and James’ wedding story if you’d like to read more about their day

KathJames - Blackthorpe Barn Wedding

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Helen and Dave’s Wedding at Chippenham Park – Happy First Wedding Anniversary

Many happy first wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Helen and Dave whose wedding we photographed last August at Chippenham Park.  This certainly had so many little finishing touches at such a stunning and relatively unknown wedding venue that it was a treat to be a part of.  We are thinking of your day and all those happy memories – congratulations you two!  This link here goes to their whole wedding story if you want to take a peep

HelenDave - Chippenham Park Wedding

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