Well hello there and welcome to Hayley Denston Photography. We are Suffolk Wedding Photographers who live in a little village on the Suffolk/Norfolk Border. We travel as far and wide as we can to photograph weddings although we mainly photograph weddings in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. Our fingers are crossed that you've either found us through a personal recommendation or whilst looking for a wedding photographer in Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex. If not, perhaps you were simply having a browse for a Suffolk portrait photographer (as we do that too) or even just Suffolk wedding photography.

    However you've arrived at our website we're pleased you're here and hope that you've got a few minutes (together with a cuppa and a biscuit) to have a look through our photos. We hope that you love what you see and that we'll get to meet and photograph you in the future.

Many congratulations go out today to the wonderful Gemma and Jay who will be celebrating their first Wedding Anniversary this weekend. I can’t believe that this day was a year ago at Woodhall Manor as it feels like only yesterday. Such a happy couple and so lovely that you get to celebrate your anniversary with your beautiful baby!!!! I hope someone may babysit for you at some point over the weekend so you get to celebrate!

For those of you wanting to read about Gemma and Jay’s gorgeous day last year just click on the link here to go straight to it!

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The next favourite photographs post we have to share with you is from Lizzie and Tony’s Wedding day which took place at Woodhall Manor in August. What a gorgeous couple these two are and their day was a beautiful, relaxed one (here’s a quick link to their blog story in case you’d like a read). Now Lizzie and Tony have jointly chosen me a selection of photos with their reasons for each one (I know I said one photo each but I think I’ll let them get away with sharing a few more as they were so nice about finding it difficult to get it down to just one each!

Here’s their selection with comments as to why they loved each one:


‘Got the Paperwork, we can relax now’

‘Great effect and so many of our guests are included’

‘A relaxed shot, of just the two of us’

‘A view of ‘the dress’ and the wonderful gateway’

I chose the following photo as despite the weather being pretty awful for their day this did nothing to dampen their smiles and enjoyment. I love it when a couple embrace whatever happens on their wedding day without any moaning or worry at all and it just goes to show what a wonderful couple these two are!

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Our favourites post for this week is from Belinda and James’ Wedding which we photographed last May at their local church and then on to Greshams. Here’s a link to their blog story in case you’d like to have a read. This day had the most vibrant yellow colour scheme and a very unusual wedding cake that we won’t forget in a while as well as a very lovely couple!

Belinda has chosen her favourite photo as the following one because:

‘It was a (rare) moment stolen and shared just between the two of us (I had no idea how some time, just one on one with my husband on our wedding day, would be such a challenge!). This image holds an almost magical quality for me. In confirms our bond, our love for each other, our closeness as a couple. It reminds me of how blessed I felt in that moment that I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, the man I will not learn to live with but the main I cannot live without.’

James chose the following photo as his favourite because:

‘It’s a picture of our two wedding rings on a branch of the cherry tree in our back garden. It represents a lot to me. The new blossom on the tree signalling that start of a new season and in turn our rings indicating the start of a whole new life for ourselves. Little did we know at the time, it was a symbol of what was to come – us expecting our first baby and the start of a massive new chapter in our lives together. It’s a photograph that makes me happy every time I see it’

I chose the following photo of the two of them as I like how happy they look as well as the quirkiness of the photo taken in the graveyard!


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In August we had the pleasure of going back (we hadn’t been there in a while) to the gorgeous Moreves Barn for Emily and Stu’s Summer Wedding. This is a lovely rustic venue and it suited their day perfectly, if you’d like to have a read about their wedding day just click here for their full blog story. We loved being a part of this day so much, it was so relaxed and happy and everything a wedding day should be.

Here’s Emily’s favourite photo because:

‘It was so hard to pick just one picture! I really love this one because Stu and I both look so relaxed and it’s a really natural photograph. I also love the way my veil catches the sun and teh fact that you can see my shoes (which were hidden for most of the day)’

Stu chose the following photo because:

‘This is my favourite picture taken on our wedding day. This was the first time that we had been together, just the two of us, during the day. With all that was going on with our guests and reception, it was great when Hayley managed to get us on our own. This really captures who we are as a couple and how much Emily really is my whole world.’

I chose the following photo of them coming out of the church ceremony as I just love how happy and relaxed they both look after saying ‘I do!’


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After a brilliant day at the Suffolk Wedding show yesterday we’re going to be having a little rest today but we just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who took time out of your busy lives to come and see us.

We really loved seeing and talking to so many people and we’re delighted that lots of you have come back to book us already. We’re also looking forward to hearing back from many more of you soon once you have your dates sorted. It was also wonderful to see lots of our couples who’ve booked us already and to talk some more with you all about your days.

We can’t wait to photograph lots of your gorgeous weddings over the next few weeks, months and years!


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